Light up the night! Lighting upgrades for your ride.

As lighting technologies advance, there is now a chance for the motorcycling community to reap the benefits of upgraded lighting options. Let’s face it, the stock bulb on our bikes need more, especially when trying to compete with the plasma and L.E.D. lights on cars and trucks. K and G Cycles ( has gone out looking for advanced lighting for motorcycles and brought back some great options for you, at varying price points.

Part # CSC707 csc lightfrom Crime Scene Choppers developed this lamp in order to pack the maximum candlepower into a small headlight. Most of the cool aftermarket halogen lamps are too bulky to fit into a small housing, so they set to work to come up with our own. This unit has a chromed aluminum mount base that holds three 12 volt halogen lamps. All three lamps are rated at 75 watts, and uses two lamps for the low beam for a wide beam, and adds one lamp for the high beam as a narrow 12 degree spot, bringing you premium lighting for better nighttime vision.

Street Glow Xxenon white bulbsenon White Bulbs Part # 11821 are a cost effective alternative to expensive H.I.D. lighting upgrades, StreetGlow Xenon White Bulbs provide a comparable look at a fraction of the cost. These bulbs are far brighter and whiter than standard bulbs, StreetGlow Xenon White Bulbs are an easy do-it-yourself upgrade that will make you ask yourself, ” Why didn’t I do this sooner?” • Offer increased lighting and clarity over standard halogen bulbs • 25 models fit most vehicles (headlights and fog lights) • 4 DOT models available (H1, H7, H9005 & H9006) • Sold in pairs

Part # TR-419211led passing lamps allows toy to increase your visibility while you enhance your night time riding experience with this DOT approved replacement for your halogen light! The new LED Headlamp produces light far superior to that of conventional halogen lamps, with a color temperature of 5,800K, closer to the color temperature of daylight providing better visibility. Complex Reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp. The maintenance-free lamp uses a solid-state, bulb-free system that’s impervious to damage caused by shock and vibration, with a military grade, die-cast aluminum housing, non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and a scratch-resistant hard coating to protect against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards. Passing lamp’s complex reflector complements the look of the headlamp. Advanced LED technology has significantly reduced LED lighting current draw compared to halogen products, to 3.6a high beam and 1.8a low beam, allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life. Uses standard, H4, 3-blade wiring connector. Meets applicable DOT, FMVSS or SAE requirements – 3-year warranty on headlamp & passing lamps.

Lighting upgrades improve the way we see things as well as how we are seen. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to complete your transformation today, so give us a call and see the difference.