Light up the night – Powerful L.E.D. Fog Lights

Do you ever wish you had more light when running down some of those country roads at night? Could more light keep you a little more visible and possibly more safe? Well the crew at K and G Cycles ( understands and wants to help you solve your problem with these great L.E.D. Fog Lights. A great functional accessory that fits Gold Wings perfectly.

 L.E.D. Lower Fog Lightglod wing led fog lamps Kits provide a bright white light that is low and horizontal which is great for rain and fog or highlighting deer and other wildlife that lurk in the night. To help insure you are getting the quality light you deserve, these L.E.D. Lights have been designed with photometrics to improve your safety and are DOT approved. Providing more illumination for you to see and be seen while also creating better reaction time and a safer riding experience. These 3 1/2” lights are fully adjustable for driving, allowing you to place the light where you need it. Rubber isolation bushings provide a stabilized, vibration free light that is water sealed for weatherproof assurance. L.E.D. lights also draw less current and for most Gold Wingers, when a bike is decked out, anytime they can save on electrical draw, it’s all good. These L.E.D. Lower Fog Light Kits are easily installed and come with our OEM quality illuminated switch for either a standard GL1800 or for the airbag model.

L.E.D. lights are a great upgrade choice that are designed to be long life, vibration resistant, cooler operating, consume less electricity, and offer cleaner light. Check out these L.E.D. Fog Lights and more at K and G Cycles( and brighten your way as you go for safer travels. You will see better and they will see you better.