Lightweight Riding Gear for those Sunny Days

6015-0735-04   As Spring draws nearer and the possibility of your motorcycle returning to the asphalt jungle grows everyday, we need to make sure we are dressed properly. Don’t get me wrong, our leathers are a great option any time, but there is something to be said for a lightweight jacket when the sun shines and leather seems a bit much. Some of the lightweight jackets available provide nearly the same level of protection as a leather version, but can be far more comfortable temperature wise. K and G Cycles ( carries a huge selection of non-leather motorcycle jackets suitable for sunny days and warmer weather.

Cool Cruise jkt 6683-0407-04  The 2 most common lightweight jackets are Nylon and Textile. If you take the time to compare the 2, you will find the textile jackets are very versatile as they often come with venting, zip out liners, and depending on the model may be waterproof or mesh in design. The nylon jackets are often not much more than a cool looking windbreaker. There are some models that have some lightweight foam padding as well as provisions for armor to be installed. Both styles will pride themselves on enough cargo carrying capability through its plethora of pockets that is enough to hold a small family of circus performers.They are known to have the standard reflective piping too.

female flex 3   Now, having ridden with a textile jacket myself, I can honestly tell you I never wanted for a heavier jacket or a lighter version of that particular jacket. Merely installing or removing the liner proved to be all the temperature adjustment I needed. That jacket does have the armor installed so I prefer to wear it as much as possible. Having worn it in temps as warm as 90° and as cool as 30°, because of its versatility a textile jacket will always hang in my gear locker. Call me partial, prejudice, weird, or any other name you choose, but as the need to armor ourselves rises, it is important to find a jacket that can be a lightweight jacket as well as cool weather gear.

   Knowing there are options is half the battle. Being comfortable while you ride can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the ride. Take a look at all our jackets we carry at K and G Cycles ( There is sure to be one you will want to have for all your adventures.