Like many great sports teams, Harleys too must Rebuild

Rebuild – The restoration of an item to a standard as nearly as possible to its original condition in appearance, performance, and life expectancy. See also overhaul; repair. It seems as though the more we enjoy our rides the closer they come to a point in their life they too need to be refreshed and worked over, or simply put – rebuilt. The off season is a perfect time to tackle this so as little of the next riding season is lost as possible.

It can be a daunticomplete gasket kitng task to figure out just what you need to complete your rebuild, but your friends at K and G Cycles (www, can hook you up with everything needed for your project. Depending how far you need to go into the motor, there are different gasket kits available,  but for the sake of argument, we will assume you need to perform a complete tear down and rebuild. Let’s take a look at this complete rebuild kit from Cometic designed for 1992-1998 Big Twins. This rebuild kit comes with all the gaskets starting at the cylinder base and moving upward to include the rocker box gaskets. You even get the exhaust gaskets.  A bonus feature of this particular rebuild kit is it comes with the 2 different primary gaskets and the corresponding inspection plates. Also because it is from Cometic, you can be guaranteed you will be receiving a high quality kit that is always packed with the latest design gaskets. A motor rebuild is a big job to begin with, and there is no reason to complicate it by having to purchase multiple gasket sets and endure the headache associated with it.

When it comes time to rebuild that Evo, make sure you get a hold of the team at K and G Cycles ( and let them help you select everything you need to get the job done right. From gaskets to special tools to the fluids going back in, we’ve got you covered.