Motorcycle Lock and Load!

There is no doubt that motorcycles are an easy target for thieves, especially those who have a plan of attack or a group of equally sticky handed friends available to help. It can be a devastating reality to experience the loss of an item that you have worked so hard to obtain in the first place and more often than not, if you find the bike again it will have already been picked apart or damaged. Here is the good news, there are many ways to protect your bike. Simple steps can be taken to ensure that you don’t walk outside to find an empty parking spot where your buddy used to be.

Buy a motorcycle lock or alarm system. Easy, right? Buying a lock for your bike is a simple and inexpensive way to ward off thieves looking for an easy target. It will deter those acting alone or trying to get away quickly. They probably realize that if they are sitting in a parking lot cutting cables or sawing off a lock, someone will notice them and notify authorities. Which brings us to the next point… If you see someone doing these things, call the police! If you see a group of people carrying a bike or hurriedly throwing it into a trailer or truck, it is probably not a legitimate situation and it wouldn’t hurt to call the authorities to report a suspicious scene.

There are many motorcycle lock designs available. Consider what will work best for you. Simple motorcycle lock designs will just prevent the wheels from moving and sometimes this is enough to stop theft from happening. Other designs will anchor the bike to a post on the ground, but this requires that there is a stationary mount wherever and whenever you choose to park. Alarms can also be installed that throw out a shrill alert when someone tries to move the bike. There are tip sensors on these little gadgets that ward off those attempting to take off with your wheels. There are also combination motorcycle lock/alarm systems available that will set themselves off when motion or shock is detected. So now when someone tries to tamper with your bike, it’ll scream back. Problem solved.

Here are some popular designs:

Gorilla Cycle Alarm 8007 with 3-button Remote Transmitter


  • Motion Tilt Sensor: Activates the alarm when motorcycle is moved off its side stand
  • Current Drain Sensor: Stops hot wiring by activating the alarm when there is a current drop in the motorcycle’s electrical system
  • Shock Sensor: Any impact to the motorcycle will activate the alarm. Set the sensitivity to any of the 7 different levels depending on your surroundings
  • L.E.D. Warning Light: Indicates that your Cycle Alarm is armed and provides a visual deterrent against theft


  • Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-TONE siren
  • Simple installation takes less than 20 minutes
  • 2-way paging system compatibility
  • Accepts up to 3 transmitters
  • Small, lightweight 3-button remote transmitter enables you to arm, disarm and set all of the alarm features such as shock sensor and siren modes
  • Alarm body and wire connections are 100% waterproof
  • Ultra-compact size fits virtually all makes and models
  • 2-year manufacturer’s defects and workmanship warranty
Grandeur Cycle XENA Security Alarm Lock, Pearl White

One product, two security systems.
  • The lock: A solid block of hardened steel withdouble locking pins. Laser cut keys make the lock virtually pick-proof.
  • The alarm: powered by a self arming, maintenance-free microchip, it features a 110 DB siren triggered by shock and/or motion. Any attempt to tamper with the bike sends a powerful message to back off! Includes three keys, four batteries and case.
Xena Stainless Steel Brake Disc Lock With Built In Alarm with Shock Sensor

Xena locks are equipped with ear-piercing 110db warning sirens, and “smart” LED arming sensors The motion sensor and/or shock sensor will trigger the alarm, which can also act as a good warning if you try to ride off without remembering to remove your lock.

  • Available in a variety of body materials that all feature a high-security key and barrel double-locking barrel system.
  • The microprocessor-controlled electronic module is detachable.

Shackles are large enough to fit around a fork leg and can be secured to a sign post or another motorcycle.
Links swivel 360° at the shackles so the stree cuffs can be folded in half for compact storage.
Includes two round type keys and patented lock core is pick and drill resistant.
Master Lock
Standard Duty, Chrome Plated

  • Adjustable 3″ x 3 1/2″ shackle I.D.
  • 21 1/2″ total length
  • Rubber liner material
  • 2.6 lbs. total weight
  • $3,500 Manufacturer’s Anti-Theft Guarantee

Grenade Lock Black Universal 06-300

Deemeed grenade motorcycle disc locks are a unique way to safely lock your motorcycle. Designed to be mounted on a motorcycles ventilated front disc.
This lock is equipped with:

  • a patented anti-drill proof lock tumbler mechanism and designed to foil the most diligent thief.
  • This lock is offered in three different colors and each lock comes with two coded keys.

Disc Brake Lock Red 10 Or 11-1-2 In

  • Hardened carbon steel, prevents wheel rotation
  • Tamper proof barrel key

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. If you have a favorite lock design, let us know. Leave a comment below to share to your experiences.