Lookin’ for 6th Gear? Baker has You Covered!

baker drivetrainDo you have a pre-2007¬† Harley and wish you had 6th gear? Have you realized that bike at highway speed needs just one more gear? The good people at Baker Drivetrain have the solution to your concerns. Whether you ride a FL Touring bike, an FL Softtail, an FX Softtail, Dyna, or even Sportsters and Buell’s up to 2003, Baker has what you need to make the modification to bring a sixth gear to your bike. Even you guys that have a 70 to early 84 with a kicker can make that dream a reality. These conversions can be accomplished using either a builder’s kit or a complete transmission assembly available from your friends at K and G Cycles ( www.kandgcycles.com ).

The builder’s kit is designed for those that already have a transmission therefore they only need to changeover the internal parts. Another benefit of the builders kit is it allows those that want to maintain a stock look to do so. Builders kits also offer a cost savings because you aren’t having to purchase extra parts you do not need, but the amount of work required is definitely more.

For those interested in saving more time rather than money, take a look at the selection of complete transmissions, 5-speed, 6-speed, and even 6 into 4 speed transmissions. Not only does this come pre-assembled, the cases are direct replacements for that stock trans. Complete transmissions also benefit those building bikes, allowing them to choose the set up they want all while having the confidence of true fitment.

Being based out of Michigan, Baker Drivetrain boasts using all American made components in the manufacture of all their products. What this means for you is the highest quality metals and machining processes available. If replacement parts are ever needed, they are readily available. Baker is also proud to let you know they will never have you listening patiently as the menu has recently changed, you will always speak to a real person.

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a 6-speed, build a custom bike, or push a lot of power through the transmission, check out the great selection of Baker Drivetrain components available from K and G Cycles  ( www.kandgcycles.com ).