Looking for Comfort in all the wrong Places…

   When it comes to motorcycling, 2 of the areas affected most by fatigue is our Hands and our Eyes. The crew at Kuryakyn has addressed Hand Fatigue with the development of the ISO (Isolator) Grip. Though metric bikes tend to have far less vibration than the “other” brand, they still have a fair amount of “buzzing” that will unknowingly take their toll on you. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is proud to offer you ISO Grips in a range of colors, configurations and applications so you too can experience more comfort and longer rides.

ISO Grips TR-497167   Through a marriage of style & comfort, the ISO grips from Kuryakyn are a giant leap forward in rider comfort! They providing the rider with a soft, non-slip surface that dampens bike born vibration. The recessed areas between the ISO-Pads permit air flow between the palm and grip for a cooler, more comfortable handle on those warmer days. The knurled chrome accent ring adds a classy, yet modern detail to the grips. If you like the chrome ISO-Grips then you’ll love the same great comfort in the new Black ISO-Grips. Powder-coated in beautiful black for a sinister appearance, these grips are wrapped in the same soft ISO rubber you have come to know and love. When it comes to replacing your old grips and you are looking for comfort, a pair of ISO grips is a huge step in the right direction when trying to reduce fatigue.

   Whether you love the chrome, or want it all blacked out, you can have the comfort you desire. Installing a set of the ISO grips available through K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) will have you putting more miles behind you with less fatigue. ISO grips, available in Chrome, Powder Coat Black, Flame versions, and more. Contact us today, and experience comfort all ride long. A comfort that takes your stress away. Look for these and the whole line of ISO products ready to ship to you from K and G Cycles.