Luggage – Available in all Shapes and Sizes for your next Trip

No matter what style of motorcycle you ride, one thing is for certain, you will at some point need luggage. Because there are different styles of bikes, there are different styles of luggage to choose from. There are even different materials used for the outer shells to give you different looks. My goal today is to provide you an in depth look at the wide range of pieces available at K and G Cycles ( that will make your travels more enjoyable.

tour master select saddlebags   To begin with, if you have a Cruiser you may not have anything in the way of storage or cargo transportation. The easiest way to add convenience and capability to your ride is to add saddlebags. There are many different designs you can add from basic Throw Over versions to Detachable or Rigid Hard sided Leather covered bags to Fiberglass/ABS plastic hard bags. Any of these designs will ultimately add cargo space to your motorcycle where you had none before, you will need to decide what will work best for you and look the best on your bike. In addition for safety sake, many models have reflective piping built into the bag to assist in others ability to see you.

  • Throw Over bags usually require the addition of Stand-Offs to keep the bags out of the wheels, brakes and drive system keeping the rider safe. They can also be had in a range of capacities for unlimited possibilities.
  • Hard Leather covered Saddlebags take your bikes look to a whole new level. This set up will definitely require specific mounting hardware. Without a doubt this will take your storage amounts to new zip codes.
  • Usually reserved for custom applications, Hard Saddlebags or Fiberglass Bags are the cream of the crop. With the ability to be locked, and have removable luggage liners, these definitely require specialty mounting brackets and hardware.

No matter what look you are going for you will find it and additional storage at the ready.

dbl bag luggage   Next we will venture into the realm of Sissy Bar bags. This category has about as many offerings as there are people in the world.  Again there are different exterior material providing different looks (Leather, Vinyl, and Nylon to name a few). There are 1 piece and 2 piece systems available. There are many that include rain covers for your protection. One common denominator among the Sissy Bar mount bags is the recommendation to install a luggage rack. This is excellent advice because this will keep the bag off the fender and prevent it from damaging the finish.

  • Single or Box bags are exactly that. A single unit the mounts to your sissy bar whose sole purpose is to carry your luggage or cargo. These back will usually come with back pack straps for simple portability.
  • The complimentary piece to the Single/Box bag is the Roll Bag. This bag is ideal for day trips during the warmer months when you may only call for a light jacket or when a place to stash Rain Gear is needed.For handling ease, most roll bags have a built in handle.
  • The combination packs (a roll bag and box bag sold together) are generally the best bargain when it comes to purchasing luggage as the tend to be the most versatile. You get 2 bags that can be used together or separately, and allow each of you to have your own bag. Generally the men are left to utilize the roll bag while the women secure use of the box bag.  It’s just how it is.

H50-106BK-01   Up next we have the Tour Pack Rack Bag. Obviously intended to afford more room for those long haul units, this rack top bag can is capable of wearing many hats. From carrying or luggage for the trip, to serving as a cooler for the food and drink we need along the way, to acting as a pet carrier after slight modification. Available in the same variations of materials as the other bags the top deck bags will often have wheels and collapsible handles to afford easy operation.

  • Tour Pack Rack bags deliver quick access to stored Items.
  • Secures to racks with 4 point security straps
  • Handy grab straps or retractable handle assists in portability.

With such a large selection of ways to carry your cargo, you may want to give us a call to help you find the set up for you. Whether your preference is plain leather or vinyl , adorned with studs, or even fringe, if you prefer nylon gear with reflective properties there is luggage built for you. Whatever you ride, K and G Cycles ( has what you need.