Making Travel Easier – Hopnel Luggage

   As we get deeper into the season every biker takes an inventory of their wants and needs. It seems one category that is high on the list of priorities is luggage. Whether it is acquiring your first set or replacing the old, K and G Cycles has just what you need to simplify packing and travel. Saddlebag and Tour Pack luggage inserts are a great way to keep everything together and they make toting your goods so much easier. I want to show you the possible combinations of the inserts we have available.

   For those only neH-D Trunk BBP-HTL-1eding or wanting just an insert for the top case, Part # BBP-HTL is the Trunk Liner by Hopnel. Known the industry over for award winning luggage designs, Hopnel Trunk Liners are a great addition for any touring motorcycle. They making loading and unloading your bike a breeze. Crafted from sturdy urethane coated, weather resistant polyester, these bags are built for the long haul. Featuring convenient carrying handles making the liners versatile and user friendly. With dimensions of 22″L x 12.5″H x 11.5″W, this bag will work in almost any Tour Pack.

   Next for the indsaddlebag-inserts-HDSL ividual without a Tour Pack or only needing to replace the saddlebag liners, we proudly offer Hopnel Part # BBP-HDSL. Offering the same great construction as the Tour Pack liner, they slip right into the saddlebags with ease giving you that same hassle free removal and installation of your luggage. Pick up a pair, one for you and one for your passenger. This will avoid the constant battle of “You’ve got more room than I do.” plus it makes them responsible for their own part of the bike.

   Lastly, for th3 pc luggage BBP-SPLHDTLose that need the whole kit and caboodle, you will want to Hopnel Part # BBP-SPLHDTL, the Trunk Liner and Saddlebag Liner Kit. Packaged all in one, this kit is a must have for anyone wanting to be able to fully utilize their storage compartments. You can safely use the saddlebags and tour pack to the fullest potential. Even though this Smart Luggage Kit is affordably priced around $50.00, don’t let the price fool you. Quality is a standard with Hopnel.

  Hopnel designs some of the best bags on the market. They are made of tough materials that give you a long lasting bag that can take quite a bit of punishment. Contact your friends at K and G Cycles today and pre-order yours today so when the season opens up, you are ready to hit the road.