Making your Valkyrie Shine With New Chrome

   When it comes time to customize your Valkyrie, Chrome is going to be what most of us reach for. Often little touches make the biggest visual impact and usually won’t break the bank. The fine points can also set you apart from the next guy or even net you that trophy. K and G Cycles ( has a great selection of Chrome for your ride, but I want to spotlight 2 particular pieces today that can literally be the cherry on top.

   Adding Chrome where it never was before is easy with this Front fender Extension (Part # BBP-1-326). Finished in show quality chrome, this steel extension will add a luxurious look to that Valkyrie. With the eye catching ribs, this piece now becomes a one of a kind accent. Being unique in a world of reproductions is a tough battle, but when you have K and G on your side it just became a whole lot easier.

   Next I want to share with you Part # BBP-1-237, a Chrome front caliper cover. This Chromed stamped steel piece covers the front brake caliper. Created in the popular raised chrome design, it mounts easily with hardware included. There are a few reasons it is wise to add a caliper cover to your motorcycle.

  • BBP-1-326 You want to add more Chrome to an area on your bike that is begging for it. You may want to dress it up, highlight new wheels, or accent a new paint job.
  • To hide the unsightly cast caliper. Lets face it, from the factory, those puppies are ugly at best. They don’t have to be, install one of these covers and its show time!
  • You want to keep the brake dust to a minimum. Adding a cover can help direct the onslaught of brake dust, keeping it off your rims, off those whitewalls, and in general make clean up a lot easier

   By adding these two Chrome accessories to your Valkyrie, you can take your bike from Hmmm…… to WOW!!!!! Contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and turn that Valkyrie into the show stopper it was meant to be!