Margaret Cho tweeting about Rider’s Edge Training

Hey Gang, We loooove seeing the fairer sex taking the bull by the horns and riding their own motorcycles! We’re glad to see that even some celebrity gals are getting their M-class instruction and taking the Harley Davidson Rider’s Edge Class.

Check out these recent tweets from comedian/actress/musician Margaret Cho. It looks like she’s excited to be involved in our world of motorcycling, bravo Cho!

her twitter handle – @margaretcho


Dec 21st
@harleydavidson i got my motorcycle license thanks to you and the riders edge and now i am ready for the street riding course!! yourethebest

Dec 17th
“first day of riding motorcycles and it is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE”

Dec 17th
“i rode my motorcycle in the rain and everything!!”

Dec 18th


Dec 20th
“Out on range with riders edge class!”






Dec 20th
“Me with my motorcycle certificate and hot instructors!!”