Mean, Aggressive Attitude from the Handlebars?

Do you believe a bikes whole impression can be changed with a different set of handlebars? I do! More often than not our blog posts tend to relate to Touring bikes or Touring in general, but today, we are going to firmly exclude them. I want to talk about Drag Bars, Straight Bars, Race Bars, or whatever other name you know them by. By changing the handlebars on your Softtail, Dyna, or Sportster, you drastically change the look of your bike. Attitude begins to flow freely from it and you take on a new persona. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to build your alter ego.

Drag Bars by definitiDrag Bar CC-37123on are “distinctive custom handlebars that are relatively straight and require a slight forward leaning to reach”. With that being said, you can purchase them as just the bar, the bar and riser, and as a complete assembly. The bare minimum would be something like this Chrome drag Bar from Krome Werks. Part # CC-37123 gets you top quality made in America Handlebars that lets you put your hands where you want them. Because they want to deliver top shelf handlebars, each bar is carefully formed, polished and chrome-plated with a diamond knurled center for positive, non-slip clamp in the risers. New personality – less than $50.

Next I want to shBlack drag bars CC-633224 are a set of handlebars that have an integrated riser that keeps a low profile and is black in color. These black, dimpled, Low Drag Bars, require no riser because of the  1/2×13 threaded insert welded into the bases of each bar. This style of construction makes for a sturdy, compact and strong design. Bolt up these handlebars (Part #CC-633226) and trim the ends just as narrow as you can stand for a nice lane-splitting profile. 26.5″ wide, with a 3.5″ center width, a scant 3.5″ rise, and a 3″ pull back. A great choice for a truly custom look.

For those of you interestebroomstick bars BR330d in a complete package, Broomstick Drag Bar Assemblies (Part # BR330 and Part # BR630)  include just about everything to make your new handlebars install effortlessly. That is because they come complete & assembled with Climax Hand Controls and choice of 3″ or 6″ risers. Here are some of the features and benefits of The Broomsitck package:

* Made In U.S.A.
* Complete & Assembled Hand Control / Handle Bar System
* 7 switches, used for stock functions or custom applications
* Dual Cable Internal Throttle
* EZ Pull Throttle Lock
* Handlebars w/ Risers, Chrome Hardware & Riser Mount Kit
* Install Kit, includes- throttle cables, ferrules, throttle barrels, reusable hydraulic fittings, relay for head light / dimmer switch, and instructions
* Grip Choice – 6 styles to choose from
* Wires, Cables & Hoses already run through the bar, and made for you to “cut-to-length”
* No assembly – Move Right to Mounting & Install
* Gauge options avaliable (custom charges may apply)
* the Only SIMPLE SOLUTION to Clean Hand Controls & Bars

So you see removing your boring handlebars and installing some great new custom Drag Bars not only gives your bike a wicked new look, it will spill over into your attitude as well. Drag Bars aren’t for everyone, but for those willing to ditch your stock handlebars, you may just find one of the handlebars available at K and G Cycles ( to to your liking.