Meet The Browns – Distinct Leather Accessories for Your Ride

Gasoline, Metal, and Leather are the three words that come to mind when we talk about motorcycles, and customizing is usually about those same three words. Today, I want to talk about “Leather” and the unique look it can bring your bike. K and G Cycles ( proudly offers you a wide selection of brown leather accessories for your bike that will give you a one off look without breaking the bank.

Part#HD54072-10 : Changing tbrown solohe saddle is something we all end up doing so why so why not have the new one pull double duty? Additional comfort with personal style is what you get when you install this brown solo seat on your ride. This new seat will add a nostalgic “bobber” look to your modern Harley-Davidson motorcycle without sacrificing the all day comfort you find in the big “Touring seats”. This elegant solo seat features a low-profile design that provides the minimalistic “just enough to ride” look, as well as a lower seat height making your ride more manageable. The addition of a solo seat also adds attitude to your bike. Have no fear, Passenger Pillions are also available to match so you won’t have to leave them behind.

Part#UNIK-29brown bags18.BZ : To keep the customization going, we are going to add brown leather saddlebags to your bike. We all need extra storage on our bikes even if it’s for something as small as rain gear, or a camera or cell phone, and saddlebags are the obvious choice. Measuring a whopping 16″ x 11″ x 6″ these saddlebags not only give you a great look and storage capability, the also offer quick detach zippers for portability, a rigid back plate that keeps the bag formed and keeps it out of the wheel, and being heat resistant, there is now need to worry about damage from the exhaust temps. You can’t really ask for more from a saddlebag, especially ones that keep your nostalgic look going at an affordable price.

Part# – TR-0brown gloves91827: Let’s you personally become involved in the nostalgic transformation. These great vintage brown leather gloves add a safety element, while keeping the look and feel right on track. These gloves are made of distressed brown leather for a worn in look and feel, padded palm for vibration dampening leading to increased comfort, knuckle vents, perforated finger backs for ventilation, and hook and loop closure for secure fit . All this and a 1 yr manufacturers warranty. (Fingerless gloves not your thing? Try Part# TR-091817 for a full finger alternative with the same great looks.)

So you see, having a unique and nostalgic bike is easier than you thought when you contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( Adding Brown Leather accessories to your bike will have it standing tall , not getting lost in the Sea of Same.