More Power from Manhattan

Sometimes names don’t make sense – Manhattan Oil – the vision that comes to mind is the well to do dressed in their best, covered in oil. Well, so much for mental images, this company is into making Liquid Power. K and G Cycles is pleased to be your provider of Manhattan Oil/Liquid Horsepower, products engineered to increase performance. Sit back, relax, and learn how to increase the power of your gas, and make it smell better.

manhattan-oil-octane-boost1 LHB30S    We are going to look at how you can increase the power you harvest from your gas. Manhattan Oil/Liquid Horsepower Octane Booster is available in 1 oz. bottles and treats 5 Gallons per oz. An octane boost, plus much more! Liquid Horsepower Octane Boost Increases octane up to 10 points while improving combustion in all grades of gasoline. It stabilizes fuel for storage while cleaning the fuel system. M.O.L.H.O.B. lubricates valves and the upper cylinders to help prevent rust, corrosion and wear. Most importantly, it increases power and fuel mileage. It helps engines run smoother and delivers easier starts.Best of all, M.O.L.H.O.B. Can be used with all carbureted or EFI engines up to 10:1 compression. 1 oz. treats 5 gallons. So all you have to do is add a little juice and your gas will give you more.


Cherry-bomb-scent-LHFCB1Wouldn’t it be nice if your fumes could smell like Cherries or Grapes? Well thanks to the clever folks at Manhattan Oil, you will never hear your friends say they don’t want to ride next to you because you stink. All you have to do is add Cherry Bomb Fuel Fragrance to your ride. A single 4 oz bottle treats 3-5 gallons per oz. You can use it for gas, methanol or diesel as well as lawn mowers and Dragsters and everything in between. They will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. This sweet little additive does not inhibit performance, is safe for all engines but does not work effectively in exhaust systems equipped with catalytic convertors.

So all in all if you want a proven performing fuel additive, you want to increase the effectiveness of your oils, and you want to make your stinky fumes smell pretty, you need to contact K and G Cycles. We are a proud retailer of Manhattan Oil supplemental products engineered to extend engine and oil life, increase fuel octane ratings, improve performance and mileage, and take the stink out of your exhaust.