Motorcycle Camping Reinvented

Motorcycle Camping – We love to ride, and we love to camp, so why don’t we do them together? I know what you’re saying “There is no way I can get everything I need on my bike to do that.” Well, K and G Cycles ( has the solution for you, Bushwakka Swags. Bushwakka Swags, developed by a 20 year veteran of The Australian Army,   has reinvented the outdoor living experience by offering  the complete, compact, lightweight sleeping compartment that can be set up virtually anywhere you want to call camp. Bushwakka swags offer 3 different models ( The Lite Rider, The Trav-ler, and the Roy-L Dual) suitable for motorcycle camping needs and range from a single person shelter to a 2 person “3 Star accommodations – Bush style” making motorcycle camping within your reach whatever your requirements are. For those that are looking for a bit more comfort, 2 of the 3 units come with a 50mm high density foam mattresses, so all you need to do is  just add a sleeping bag. All of these units are small enough to pack on your motorcycle (the lite rider is 9″x14″ when packed) and  set up in approximately 60 seconds. All of these units are waterproof, bug proof, and well vented so you can camp dry and pest free in all kinds of  weather conditions. Bushwakka Swags offers you the convenience of riding all day, and camping wherever the road leads you, whether it’s the creek side, clearing in the woods or the local campground. For all your motorcycle camping needs, had on over to K and G Cycles ( to see these amazing products and more.