Motorcycle Lifts – Something for everyone.

Have you ever wanted a motorcycle lift so you could start performing your own maintenance or thoroughly detail your bike? I am sure your answer is, ” Sure I’d like one, but I can’t afford it and even if  I could, I don’t have the room.” And those use to be great answers! K and G Cycles ( has affordable motorcycle lifts that don’t have a very big footprint so they don’t take a lot of space in your garage or shop when not in use.

Kendon known largely for its fine line of motorcycle trailers, also has some great motorcycle lifts as well.The Stand Up line of motorcycle lifts are perfect for domestic and import motorcycles, ranging from lighter weight sport bikes, to the heavier touring bikes. With up to a 1,000 pound capacity the motorcycle lifts made by Kendon can accommodate most bikes on the road. The Stnad Up Motorcycle Lift can fit a bike up to 90″ long (measured from the front of the front tire to the center of the rear axle), so there is sure to be one to fit your needs Kendon’s Motorcycle Lifts feature narrow rail construction so you can get up close to your bike to perform any maintenance work and/or cleaning with relative ease. Kendon’s Bike Lifts have a large working footprint similar to industrial size bike lifts that allows a far more stable working environment.Whether you’re looking to clean your bike or perform regular to heavy maintenance/work on your cruiser style bike, the Folding Motorcycle Lift provides a great solution and, best of all, it takes up very little room.

Here is a brief description of the different models of Kendon Stand Up Lifts available at K and G Cycles:

chopper folding lift, designed to lift your bike in most configurationsFolding Chopper  Key Lift features and benefits.

  • Air-over-hydraulic jack that can be used with manual pump or air compressor – versatile operation allowing lift to be used in many situations
  • Integrated front wheel chock – no additional parts to buy
  • Multiple position adjustable wheel chock – adapts to almost any bike you have
  • Working height of 32″ fully raised – ergonomically correct posture height for most tasks
  • Variable height locks – built to suit a wide range of users as well as adjustable to what part of the bike you are working on
  • Removable front and rear sections for easy access – increased wheel access for cleaning, maintenance , or repair
  • Powder-coated frame – durable finish stands up to chemicals and more
  • 90-day warranty – peace of mind with your purchase

sportbike stand up lift tr-775484 is a great way to service and clean your bike. Folding Sport Lift Key features and benefits.

  • Air-over-hydraulic jack that can be used with manual pump or air compressor – means you have operating options
  • Integrated front wheel chock – helps keep the bike in place
  • Working height of 32″ fully raised – comfortable working position
  • Variable height locks – customize your work height for the job at hand
  • Removable front and rear sections for easy access – gives you a more versatile lift and working options
  • Powder-coated frame – protects your investment
  • 90-day warranty – if it doesn’t break in 90 days, chances are it won’t

Head over to K and G Cycles ( and get your hands on a great lift from Kendon. A name you can trust, and a lift that will work for you.