Moving Forward with a new Set of Controls

   You just bought the perfect bike, but it doesn’t seem to fit just right. If you could move those controls forward another 2″-3″ that would make it perfect. K and G Cycles ( has the solution with one of our many great forward control or extended control kits. Moving the controls forward has never been closer to you than right now. Are you looking to transform your bike from mid-controls to forward controls? We’ve got a kit for that! Are you looking to extend your forward controls more? We’ve got a kit for that!

   For many of udyna forward controlss, installing forward controls allows us to take a bike that has mid-controls (the type that has you in a fairly straight up seating position with your legs almost directly below you), and turn it into a relaxed position boulevard cruiser. In many cases this is not a 20 minute job on a Thursday night because it is more involved than installing different linkage. In many installs, you must go all the way into the inner primary to complete the job. If you feel this may be too big of a job, you should seek a qualified technician. Forward controls offer you increased comfort for the long haul, and create a great profile for you and your bike. Be aware though, Forward Controls will alter your riding style slightly so they may take a bit of getting used to. All in all for a couple hundred dollars you will have a new bike, and that’s not bad. Get over to the website, and check out the great selection of forward controls.

   So we have learextended controlsned forward controls will “relocate” your motorcycles controls to the down tube area of the motorcycle, and now you ask what are extended controls. Extended controls are literally that, the extension of the existing forward controls. This is commonly done by installing brackets that move the foot controls forward, usually just outside of the frame( about 2″ to 3″ ahead of the forward control position) . For a lot of us, extended controls are just out of reach, however, those long in the leg are the ones that truely benefit from the installation of extended controls, because even though forward controls are nice, there are some that need just a bit more.  As with forward controls, extended control buyers beware because this changes your whole riding posture and geometry. The great news is, if you install extended control brackets you usually retain your current controls. Great if have customized yours with aftermarket pegs, and pedal pads.

   Whether you are 6′ or 6’6″ Extended and Froward Controls are a great modification to your motorcycle. Take a look at all the great options K and G Cycles ( has to offer. Comfort and profile are achieved at the same time when you install one of these kits, so why not customize with a purpose?  Available for most Harley-Davidson models.