My First Time at The V-Twin Motorcycle Expo in Cincinnati

I finally made it to thev-twin expo V-Twin Motorcycle Expo in Cincinnati, OH this year, and saw some really cool stuff I am going to share with you and feature in the upcoming weeks. Not knowing what to expect, I went with my fellow K and G Cycles ( Team with all my senses on high alert and grabbed as much product literature and “Swag” as I could carry. You name it, it was there…. Killer Audio Upgrades, Big Inch Front ends, Innovative Helmet Designs, Wicked Custom Product Display Bikes, and much, much more. I figure the funnest way to highlight some of the products is to do a sort of “Top 5 List”. So here goes my rendition in no particular order.

5) The Biker Bar – biker-bar1an amazing system that simplifies trailering your motorcycle by yourself. There is no need for assistance. Take your bike, ditch the straps. The Biker Bar makes loading and unloading fast by securely¬†stabilizing your motorcycle with a solid steel clamping bar. A neoprene-lined, removable, clamping bar attaches to your bike frame in a few seconds without a scratch. The trailer mounted plate with automatic latches locks down the bike in seconds, eliminating the need for tie down straps. This system keeps your bike locked in an upright position, doesn’t compress your suspension, won’t make you crawl under the trailer to install the latch system, can be installed in your garage to ensure safe storage of your bike, and works on all Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

4) Cobra USA ECobra fender exit exhaustxhaust Center Pro Slip-On Muffler – Providing an industry first design, this center-port exhaust offers superior performance via a unique 2-into-1 design. Both mufflers join at the rear beneath the fender for center port exhaust location . Slips on as a single unit to the stock head pipes (or Cobra PowrPort Dual, or True Dual head pipes) Single, polished and chromed steel, big mouthed exhaust tip finished with a perfectly rolled edge gives your bike one of a kind, progressive look. The Constant velocity baffles used for this set-up are not removable. Will not work with trailer hitches.

battery tender3) This item is so new, I don’t even have a picture for reference, plus I am letting the “Cat out of The Bag” and I can not wait to get my hands on one of these. Battery Tender, the name we all trust to keep our batteries charged up, ready to go when we are, is bringing to market in the next 60 days, a Battery Life and Voltage meter that is about as big as my thumb,¬† and plugs into the pigtail we plug the wall unit into. An LCD screen displays output numbers, and there is even an L.E.D. light display similar to the wall unit to alert you should your output levels drop.

2) James Clark was a james gasketsmotorcycle enthusiast with a life-long passion for riding, and began wrenching on his own and friends bikes in his parents garage early on. He even went so far as to open his own motorcycle repair shop, “Chino’s” in Fremont, California. Being dissatisfied with the gaskets that he found available, James began to cultivate his own ideas for improving sealing technology.In 1977 James started the James Motorcycle Parts Company. Paying close attention to quality and fit, quickly gained him a reputation for producing superior gaskets and seals. James began supplying gaskets and complete rebuild kits for engine and transmission overhauls for a variety of Harley-Davidson models to an ever-growing group of enthusiasts and was credited with providing the much-needed sealing solution for the American V-Twin. In 1979 James Gaskets, Inc. was officially born, offering the most complete product line of Harley-Davidson aftermarket gaskets and seals in the industry. A superior product born in a garage because a man loved motorcycles.

1) Goodridge Flugoodridge-logo1id Transfer Systems ( or High Performance Brake Lines) is now offering a totally new way to install custom brake lines on your bike. Buildaline products are designed to allow the flexibility to install custom length and finish lines to your ride, making it a one of a kind look. Available in 4 different kits to cover just about any size span you need, these kits are about as simple as they come. Also when you purchase the products made by Goodridge, you know you are buying from the industry leader so your money is well spent.

For the first time in nearly 8 years in the Motorcycle Industry, I attended the V-Twin Motorcycle Expo in Cincinnati. I walked out of there with a list of products I think the Customers of K and G Cycles ( will want for their bikes. At this time some of them are not available, and for the others I plan to do some solo features on in the future. Still some we are not a dealer for yet so we have to set up those accounts, but as soon as we determine the best pricing for you, we will release them.