Naked Wings

Hey Gang! While we were hanging out at the recent Dealer Expo we shot this pic of a “radical” custom bike, that looked just a little out of place amongst the usual American twin iron.

Well it just goes to show that you can’t count out any bikes from the custom scene these days! An early Goldwing Model with tons of time, energy and flashy bits, can turn into a real head-turner! Of course, seeing this golden oldie raised our interest in what may be happening out in the world of Wings.

Well, we turned up this site devoted to the customization of “Naked Wings” and there is lots of eye candy for someone who’s tastes fall further into flat fours, than vee-twins!

Here are a few more examples of taking an overloaded and plastic enshrouded machine, and showing off it’s inner, nude beauty 🙂

A NWClub member, Richard Becker has lots of great build pics of these bikes, and we encourage you to check them out here, on his webpage.

Any time we see someone making a motorcycle into their dream machine, we think it’s… kinduvabigdeal!!!