Naughty Biker Girls need Gifts Too!

Christmas Time is a time to show our loved ones how much they mean to us by giving gifts from the heart…………. Huh? Christmas Time means an opportunity to buy accessories for our Naughty Biker Girls Rides and transform the stock sickle into a one of a kind machine. K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to makes that girl grin.

It seems adeluxe-exhaust1 popular bike among the Naughty Crowd is the Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Deluxe, mainly because it offers a more manageable seat height, allows them to ride a bike they can grow with, and gives a comfortable ride.  Now as we all know, stock exhaust on current H-D  models doesn’t quite offer the sound we have come to know and love. So what do you do – purchase these awesome mufflers from Samson that will give you the deep tone you desire and deliver increases in torque, horsepower, and fuel economy through its patented muffler design. A Naughty Biker needs a bike that has a wicked sound.

Sometimes weburly-kit1 all need a little assistance, especially when it comes to ride height. Burly Brand has stepped up to the plate and offers a complete lowering kit complete with everything you need to take her bike and make it a nasty slammed ride that fits her like a glove and handles like a Vette. Each kit comes with dropped fork springs and stubby shocks that are easy to install and won’t break the bank. Slammer Kits do not require disassembly of the forks and can be installed with the front end still on the bike on most models (FLH requires fork legs to come off)! The entire Slammer kit is set up to go from box to bike in under an hour with just basic tools on Sportsters and Dynas! (FLH requires fork legs to be slid down to access cap, but leg does not have to be disassembled). The only thing that will make the bike look hotter is that Naughty Biker Girl on her Nasty Ride.


Legend haspamk me shortss it every woman has a special pair of black panties for those times she wants to feel a little Naughty. This Christmas, why not give her a pair of Biker Boy Shorts so she can show off her attitude. Whether she wears them with just a pair of Chaps, or in the privacy of your home, she can rock the attitude like there’s no tomorrow. Theses Boy Shorts can be had with a wide variety of sayings and designs that get the point across. So whether she “Caught You Looking”, letting you know she is an “Angel”, or warning you she is a “Bad Influence” these Biker Boy Shorts are a great little gift that is  sure to please everyone. With such a low price, why not get a couple for stocking stuffers?

At K and G Cycles ( we understand motorycyling breeds attitude and we want to help you fine tune yours. From the way your ride sounds, to the way it looks, and the way you feel, let’s face it, Naughty and Nasty is a lot more fun than Normal and Nice.