Need more light? Add a set of Spotlights

Have you ever been riding at night and thought to yourself, “It sure would be nice to have a little more light.” ? Well your old friends at K and G Cycles(www, have come to your rescue with a wide selection of spotlights you can add-on to your bike. By adding Spotlights, Driving lights, passing lamps, or whatever you choose to call them, you not only increase your lighted field of vision, you increase your visibility to others.

In today’s maenfine fuard spotlightsrket there are many choices of add-on lighting you can choose. The mini-spot is exactly that, a small housing usually 2-3 inches in diameter, and often will carry a higher intensity bulb such as a Halogen or even an L.E.D. light. Mini’s seem to work well on “smaller” non-fairing bikes because they take less frontal area and blend in well. They add a sleek look while bringing a functional accessory to your ride. Another option for those that do not want to clutter their headlight area is engine guard mounted lights. A great way to add additional lighting that gives you a racer style look. Usually available in oval housings or mini round designs, these lights can easily be focused to widen your nighttime field of vision and give you a little advanced notice of the critters hanging out on the side of the road.

For those of you riding Touring Class and Fairing bikes, the classic 3 1/2″ is an excellent choice when adding additional road lighting. This classic design is meant to mimic the style of the old school bikes where passing lamps were born. For the modern bikes, you have your choice of Halogen lamps, L.E.D. bulbs, reflector optics, tinted lenses, and more, making your decision a little tougher. Keep in mind you can also install the engine guard lights on the bigger bikes too, especially if you want the high end European look.

Adding additional road lighting not only let’s you see better, but also allows you to be seen better. Let’s face it, anytime we can increase the chance of another seeing us, the better off we are, and K and G ( is here to help you become a more visible rider and let you see more of the road in the process.