Need more Power? All you have to do is flip a Switch!

 Have you ever thought to yourself, “My bike could use more power!”? Sure you could spend thousands on motor work and tuning, but why go to that extent when you can add Nitrous for less? I know what you are saying, “Isn’t Nitrous just for racers?” Not anymore. K and G Cycles ( brings you a system that has adjustable jetting so you can control the power boost the system gives you.

If you are running a cnitrous express NX60002C arbureted American V-Twin, Nitrous Express has an app for that. Part # NX60002C is the kit you will need, and it comes with everything you need to to add confident passing ability or flat out, heart pounding power that plants you in your seat. This system is a Direct-Port design for carbureted two cylinder engines. Complete with Lightning nitrous and fuel solenoids,you also get the highest quality braided stainless hoses,Two Piranha nozzles,a fuel pump, a relay, a micro-switch, the arming switch, and jetting for 20,30,40 or 50HP. You also get a 2.5 lb Bottle and two stainless steel bottle brackets for easy mounting options. Everything you need to add more power.

So you ask why is Nitrous Express different and better than any other company?  Let’s start with the NX philosophy:

*All components must be of the highest quality,PERIOD! There is no off shore junk! Why? Because we will not settle for second best.

*99% of NX products are produced and assembled in the USA! – This creates jobs here.

*All Nitrous Express components and systems must be tested and proven before they are shipped to any customers! That is what makes our job fun!

*All horsepower claims must be accurate and Dyno proven at the wheel! You get true power ratings.

*NX copies no one! We lead the industry in technology and innovation! This is why our systems are so sought after.

*Never be satisfied with the status quo! That keeps the best technology headed your way.

*Always give the customer more than he expects! That’s how you build a solid reputation and keep them coming back.

Not onx-logonly do Nitrous Express Systems offer you the best bang for your buck, they do it with the highest quality American made parts available. The crew at K and G Cycle ( believes in bringing you the best parts and accessories available, and that is why we carry Nitrous Express products. Built to industry leading standards and delivering true advertised power increases, a Nitrous Express is sure to make your heart skip a beat.