Need the finishing touch? Replace those floorboard inserts!

Over the winter, you added some great accessories, but did you complete the job? So often the floorboards are forgotten when you install new accessories because they are viewed as a working part or a not see piece that doesn’t matter. Well, here at K and G Cycles ( we feel differently about that. Replacing your worn out floorboard inserts is the equivalent of putting the icing on the cake or the cherry on top. Your choices run from stock to billet and everything you can imagine in between.

Even though we may not realize it, floorboards keep our feet firmly planted with the correct amount of friction so your feet aren’t flopping all over the place. No matter what your taste or the theme of your bike there are floorboard inserts to match. Here are a few stylish choices available from K and G Cycles:

28-0413 stock replacement floorboard inserts, a great choice for a clean renewed look and feel.If you prefer the look of the OEM style inserts we’ve got you covered with this pair of stock design inserts. They keep the original look, keep the integrated vibration absorbing design, but allow you to refresh those worn out pads for a clean look. Sold in pairs these black replacements will update your look, and give your feet a renewed feel while riding.

TR-419088 Kuryakyn black stripe inserts, give your bike a mild custom look without breaking the bank.For those looking to for a mild custom look without sacrificing the vibration dampening comfort found in stock inserts, we offer these great little inserts available from Kuryakyn. This design blends the traditional black rubber board with a mild flair from the polished metal inserts. Show them you understand the value of a dollar, but you also know what personalizing your ride means. These inserts also work well if you want to go with a blackced out look on your bike. Matching passenger inserts are available to complete your transformation and are as affordable as the rider inserts.

27-0924 billet floorboard inserts offer a great custom look If a full blown custom look is what you are seeking, we’ve got you covered there as well. A raw look wrapped in class. This custom design insert features a deep knurled surface for a positive grip, and slim black rubber stripes over the chrome finish for stylish contrast. The mirror chrome finish over the knurled surface reflects the light to grab the attention of fellow riders. A great look next to either chrome or black controls, they’ll help you establish your own customizing direction. These inserts complete the clean, custom billet look. Machined from billet aluminum and combined with high-durability rubber, these inserts retain cast-in vibration isolators just like those found in the factory pieces.

 Finish what you started, and regain your footing with new floorboard inserts. K and G cycles ( has everything you need to complete that customization or refresh. Order your new inserts today and be the envy of others.