Need to haul your bike but don’t have a trailer? No Worries!

 What do you do when you need to trailer your bike somewhere but don’t have a trailer? Do you start making phone calls to try and locate a buddy that has one? No, working out the details takes too long. Do you go rent something from U-haul? Nope, that can cost a lot. What then, you ask – You call K and G Cycles ( and order up one of their folding motorcycle truck ramps. Depending on the model you need, a ramp can cost you less than renting anything, and leaves behind the headache of coordinating pick up and drop off times with your buddy.

loading ramp  K and G Cycles offers a couple of models with capacities ranging from 750 to 1500 lbs (innovative design and aluminum construction make it extremely strong and durable.) and in different widths. The simple folding design with hinges guaranteed to withstand the specified weights makes loading a bike into the bed of your truck a one man show. These ramps fold to a compact size allowing you to put them in the bed right alongside your motorcycle, and are light enough (most come in between the 30 – 65 lb range) to handle by yourself. At home they can be stowed in almost any spare space. With it’s unique arched design it virtually eliminates any drag while loading like that found on a trailer.

When you want the option of hauling your motorcycle in the bed of your pickup and have to load it solo, look no further than K and G Cycles ( to hook you up with on of our folding ramps. These ramps are made to handle everything from the cruisers and touring bikes , and everything in between, while still remaining light enough to handle on your own.  A cost friendly alternative to a trailer that is much easier to use.