What You need to Transport your Bike when You don’t have a Trailer

   Just because you don’t have a trailer doesn’t mean there aren’t effective ways to transport your bike. You have that pick up truck, why not put it to good use. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has everything you need to make pick-up a motorcycle hauler, eliminating the need to borrow someone’s trailer and their time.  Most of us will choose to ride wherever and whenever we can, but with tighter schedules and less time off, we find it easier to load it in or on something and hit the road. 3 items that you will want to have when it comes time to transport your bike to your destination in your pick up are 1) Loading Ramps 2) A sturdy Wheel Chock 3) A good strong set of Soft Ties.

    To begin wione man rampth you are going to need to purchase the loading ramp. We currently have 3 different units available. (2) Single Track Ramps and (1) One Man Ramp. The single track models are great because they are lightweight and easy to handle, yet still hold around 1000 lbs. The down side, if you have a bigger bike or a taller bike or truck, you will need a 2nd person to help load and unload your bike. The One Man Ramp is exactly that, a wider ramp (36″) that requires only 1 person to load a bike. You get the convenience of being able to load and unload whenever you choose. The downside is its weight and physical size can be a bit daunting. Regardless, a new loading ramp lets you start using your truck to transport your ride so you get the most out of your vacation, or have an easier time taking it into the shop.

   Once youCondor‘ve got your bike into the bed of your pick up, you are going to want put that front wheel in a strong, stable wheel chock. This is where your choice expands quite a bit. There are many different models available ranging from smaller bent tubing models that can be mounted to the floor permanently or with a quick release system. Though these chocks work well and provide a great stirrup for the bike, they do not have the built in wheel lock like their counterparts. The larger, angle iron designed chock has a large footprint that offers additional stability. Factor in the a wheel locking system and you now have the makings for a “One Man Transport Show”. All you have to do is tie it down and you are ready to hit the road.

   For the final piesoft tie combo 04230ce in the transport saga, you will need a good set of soft yet strong tie downs.  You ask, “Why aren’t the ratchet tie downs I use for my other cargo good enough?” Well, it’s not that they aren’t good enough, they aren’t set up to use kid gloves when securing your bike. Actually the soft ties have a built in tie down assist to help prevent damage to delicate surfaces. This is nice because it prevents us from having to put a hook on our handle bars. You will want to make sure after you have the front end of the motorcycle tied down and ready for transport, you attach one to the rear of the bike, running it through the wheel to the bike from bouncing and bucking around.

   When it comes to transporting your motorcycle, you don’t need to buy an expensive trailer. You don’t have to worry about where to park it, the plates and insurance, and all the additional fun stuff associated with it. All it takes is a loading ramp, a chock, and tie downs and you can take your bike wherever you want. Best of all, when not in use these 3 pieces take up about as much room as your average person standing still. Call the pros at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and be prepared the next time you need to transport your bike somewhere.