Never Ride Cold Again! Heat Demons Grip Warmers!

  There’s nothing worse than having to end the ride and head home when the sun goes down. Just because the temperature has dropped, you shouldn’t have to run to the hills. Now you can stay out longer and deeper into the season thanks to Heat Demons Grip Warmers.  By providing warmth as well as comfort, these easy-to-install grip warmers allow you to extend your ride. Warmed grips mean warmer riding in all conditions. Having been spoiled with stock heated grips on my Buell Ulysses, I often miss the comfort they provided. I now own an Electra Glide Classic that does not have heated grips. Due to the fact it has custom grips, I am reluctant to change them out for heated ones. Because the Grip Warmers, available from K and G Cycles (, install inside the the bars, I am considering adding them to the bike. This is also because I will be able to retain the custom theme throughout my bike.

  Heat Demon Motorheat demonscycle Grip Warmers use innovative foil technology so you get the right amount of heat – literally – right at your fingertips. Backed by Symtec, these warmers are the industry standard in eliminating all barriers to longer rides. They are compatible with almost every Harley-Davidson on the road. Warm up and hit the road with these great features:

  • 5 color LED lights indicate the heat level selected (dims for night riding)
  • Thermister feedback keeps the grip heat at the selected level regardless of voltage variation or ambient conditions
  • Fast warm-up
  • Easy to install
  • Increases riding safety and comfort

  Heat Demons proprieheat demons 2 17-9563  tary heating technology brings you unsurpassed comfort and overwhelming value.  All Heat Demon Heated Motorcycle Grip Warmers come with easy installation guides that will have you warm and fuzzy in no time flat. Also for those of you needing to see it first, browsing YouTube will surely find you a few installation videos.

Heat Demon Grip Warmer kits include:

  • Heaters that install inside the handlebar or heaters integrated into a slip-on grip, depending on application
  • Custom controller with 4 or 5 levels of intensity, depending on application
  • Available in black or chrome
  • Available in throttle or clutch side mounts
  • All necessary wiring, connectors, adhesive, and hardware
  • Easy installation guides

When you are looking to add heated grips to your motorcycle, look no further than Heat Demons Grip Warmers, available from K and G Cycles ( Easy to install comfort that will take you places you’ve never been – into more of the season.