New Bulbs Equal New Eyes

   Over the years lighting technology has improved leaps and bounds. Because of this, considerable upgrades to your motorcycles headlight are available. K and G Cycles is here to show you some improved options you now have to increase your visibility. Not only does an upgraded headlight improve your nighttime vision, it will increase your visibility to others as well.

   Upgraded lighting can carry a range of price tags so it is good to know your budget and know what to expect for that price range.

   For a minimal fee, super-white-bulbyou can upgrade the halogen headlight  bulb that resides in the housing. With multiple bulbs available you have the possibility of merely increasing the output to changing the color broadcast from the light. Pricing in this category ranges from the pre-teens to $75+, but the best aspect is they are all plug and play models that require nothing extra. True WhiteSuper WhitePlasma  You can have your pick of many levels of lighting intensity depending on your budget.

   Next up is the HHID-Bulb-33-0999ID light or High Intensity Discharge light. Known for creating an extremely bright light, because the light is so bright, they are often not D.O.T. certified. Partly due to the substantial increase in output of the bulb, also due to the amount of extra heat generated within the headlight housing. You do need to pay close attention to the manufacturers installation instructions as they have been designed to accommodate for the additional system strain. If you don’t you could end up losing the light, damaging the wiring on your bike or worse. HID Lights are a brilliant addition to any lumen challenged motorcycle, but be aware the prices can raise sharply if this is the bulb you are after.

  Finally you can kuryakyn led headlightchoose an L.E.D. headlight bulb. These are usually complete housing replacements to insure the best seal from the elements as well as vibration dampening. L.E.D. lighting has really taken off in the Motorcycle World as it provides far superior light, longer lasting bulbs, cooler operating temps, and less current draw. In addition to the Headlamp, there are passing lamps available in L.E.D. configurations. You have the ability to completely change the look of your front end lighting while improving your vision and visibility.

   So you see, upgrading the headlight on your motorcycle can be very simple and yield great results. With prices ranging from less than $10 to a few hundred dollars there is something for all budgets. Contact your friendly Customer Service Tech here at K and G Cycles to help you determine the best route for you.