Custom Fenders give you a New Look

The minute we buy a bike, we all turn into artists accessorizing, painting, pin striping, performing fender modifications and  more. A new motorcycle is a blank slate to tell your story, to let people know just who you are. There are literally thousands of mods you perform on your bike, but I want to highlight custom fenders. Definitely not the most expensive modification you can do, changing out the fenders can give your ride a whole new look ranging from mild and sleek to radical and edgy. K and G Cycles ( offers custom fenders to satisfy everybody

Custom front fenders are available in a number offrt fender styles as well as blanks so the possibilities are endless. Since the front fender is one of the most noticed pieces of real estate on a motorcycle, it would stand to reason we customize that first. Whatever your bike, XL, FX, FLS, FLH, or even a Springer, a custom front fender will set your bike apart from the other stock bikes and make you proud. From the stock style fender that you want to put custom colors on to the sleek tail dragging wrap around fenders that give the bike a whole new stance. These fenders will require a little work on your behalf as the are not pre-drilled so they can be used in a wide range of applications. Also normal preparation prior to paint is required on all the fenders.

Custom rear fendersrear fender are bit more tricky to pick because you have to be concerned with fender width and fender radius. Knowing the right width of fender to choose is very critical because your fender will have to clear the struts and swing arm. Too wide and it will not fit between the rails, too narrow and it won’t bolt up. The radius or line segment from the center of its circle to its perimeter is also important so you don’t drag the fender when the bike is fully laden. Yet another style of fender is a chopped fender that has been cut or chopped closer to the rear seat. Rear fenders also need additional prep because they have no cut outs for brake lights or license plate lights or mounts.

You see, installing custom fenders is a great way to customize your bike without breaking the bank. Many fenders start around $150 and can be customized to meet your demands. Get on the road to owning a personal one off bike by calling your pals at K and G Cycles ( now and use this seasons downtime to bring your dreams to life.