New Victory Judge!

Hey Gang! I’m pleased to bring you video and photos of this new model released from Victory today in New York City. This latest cruiser variation is steeped deep in the American muscle car genre.

While I am partial to the orange, and the mag wheels, I’ve seen that we’re getting a wide range of responses out on the digital biker frontier. Sure it’s not a game-changing design, but I do have to say that Victory hit my inner 8-year-old with a couple of the key features.

If Bo and Luke Duke could slap some southern stars on the bodywork and the 01 on the factory-molded number plate, I could just see them running from Rosco and Enos through the Hazzard County carwash, slingin dirt and leaving a cloud of dust in their wake!

I’ll post up the pics, and a decent video, and then the link to the Victory page with the stats. I hope your weekend is starting off great. If you’re lucky enough to get to ride in the next few days, Rock On!

If you want to see more on the Victory Judge, click here!