Now is the time to Customize!

As much as we like to customize our rides, we never want to have it keep us from the road. That is why K and G Cycles (www, is ready for the off-season rush for everyone’s projects. On the short list of things they want to customize, customers will often select the Saddlebags as a starting point. It doesn’t matter if you choose bolt on extensions or a set of stretched bags, we can get you headed in the right direction.

Let’s start by taking a look at the bolt on extensions. We offer many different models from many different manufacturers because we feel our customers deserve more than one choice. Some will be bought on name recognition, others will be bought because they are less expensive, while still others will be bought because of looks. Let’s tale a look at what we have to offer so you can prepare yourself for the off season and the possibilities it has to offer.

Arlen Ness is surely one Ness Bag extensions 05800_16PRH  of the most recognized names in the Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessory world, so it stands to reason we would carry a slew of his products. Among those are Ness Saddlebag Extensions, an economical way to achieve the stretched bag look without all the extensive money and labor. These Saddlebag extensions can be bolted on (drilling is required) or bonded to your factory saddlebags. After a fresh coat of paint, you’ll be rolling in stretched style. We also carry Ness Big Bags Extended Saddlebags. These offer seamless lines, but require more work and dig deeper into your operating budget. No matter which way you decide to go, you know you are purchasing quality products from the Ness Camp.

CycleSmiths – Of all the companies puCycleSmiths extensionsmping out extensions to customize your ride, these guys are have taken the possibilities to the next level. Going beyond the norm of using just fiberglass. The Craftsmen use all Billet Aluminum to construct these bag extensions that come in 3 different designs, 5 finishes, and with or without custom milling. Get the low, lean look without having to slam the bike. You retain the factory ride, yet get the profile you have been looking for. Since Vivid Black is the #1 color for H-D motorcycles, one of the color treatments available is in color matching Black so for some of you it is as simple as bolt and go. For those of you that can’t get enough Chrome, yep, you guessed it, these extensions are available in Chrome plated Billet. Not to leave anyone out, there are even raw examples that you can customize with any finish, powder coating, paint or even au’ natural. With CycleSmiths, the possibilities are endless, all you need is a clear mind and the need to customize.

If you are looking toPSB1 black stretched bag gain that slammed look and want a bit more storage, the Stretched Saddlebag might be something to consider when it comes time to customize your motorcycle. With stretched versions coming from such names as Stampede, Bagger Werks, Paughco, Ness, Klock Werks, and pricing hovering close together, it is a simple process of choosing the one you like best. As with the other styles, you end up with a lowered look without the hassle of the slammed suspension. Plus with the stretched bags you actually gain some additional storage, which is never a bad thing when it comes to motorcycles.

 Transforming your bike into a sleek, low, lean ride could be as simple as 4 bolts. Whether you choose the Saddlebag Extensions or if you go for broke and select the extended bags, K and G Cycles ( has everything you need to complete the job. So go ahead, stretch those bags!