Optimizing all of the Storage in Your Saddlebag

Everybody knows storage space on our motorcycles comes at a premium and we are always looking to find more. Because of this, I want to ask you a question – How many times have you placed a camera in the saddlebag, only to find out 100 miles later it’s worked its way down to the bottom making you dig through the other gear to get it? Well look no further than K and G Cycles ( www.kandgcycles.com ) for a solution to your problem. We are your online supplier for Top Shelf Saddlebag Organizers, an innovative line of products the simple goal to provide secure storage for small items and devices in specially designed saddlebag trays. What makes this product so great is it uses existing saddlebag mounts so installation takes literally seconds, and gives you greater access to those items you need to get to quickly. The less time you spend fumbling for your phone or camera means more time you get to enjoy the road.

    Top Shelf orgatray insertnizers install on either left or right side bags, whether they are hard or leather, allowing you to choose the side that works best for you. Purchase a second organizer and your saddlebags now have more usable space than ever before. Each tray comes with an anti-slide rubber mat to keep your items still, but has the option of a customizable foam insert to securely house your small stuff like your Glock G17, G19 or G21 and a 10/11 round clip (9mm or 45cal.). In addition a 360/45 degree LED light and 12v accessory outlet w/ harness can be added to the saddlebag/s for even greater convenience.

   Shifting gears,top-shelf-tour-pack-image   Top Shelf also offers a Tour Pak Shelf that adds more organized space to your top case. Just like the saddlebag tray, it requires no special tools for installation. It even works without without the liners. Also like the Saddlebag tray, the LED light and 12v accessory port can be added here too. Keep in mind these products were developed by an “Average Joe” trying to find more storage space on his bike, so form and function was a priority. We like to think he hit the ball out of the park with his creation. Head on over to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com ) and let us help you discover more storage on your bike.

Another great offering is The Warlord MoWarlord saddlebag tray FS-WST-0013Ltorcycle Tray. A must-have accessory, and a top choice for keeping your Harley Touring Saddlebags organized. The tray is constructed of durable ABS plastic and the mounts are polished stainless steel.  This saddlebag tray is the ONLY full-length saddlebag organization tray available. Best of all, there is no modification to your current set up required. The organizer mounts using existing mount points, so installation is a breeze. The trays are designed to fit Harley Davidson Hard Touring Saddlebags 1993 – 2013. Unlike other saddlebag trays that only cover half of your motorcycle saddlebag, these motorcycle saddlebag trays cover the full length and width of your motorcycle saddlebag. When you need to get to the item at the bottom of the saddlebag, simply lift the tray out with one hand and you have access to the basement.

   With most of us lining the bottom of our bags with Rain Gear, Lightweight jackets and Gloves, we need a place to stash the small stuff. These trays will make travel easier. You now have options when it comes to keeping your electronics, tools, or other small items within easy reach. Well worth the price of admission. Available at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles) your only decision is whether you get one for the left, the right or both. Just think how great it will be to never have to dig into the deep dark abyss to find those smaller essential items again!