Personalized Gift that supports charity and is a Great Read

When you sit down and think about it, we all know someone that in one way or another has led a very extraordinary life. At K and G Cycles (, we have been lucky to have one of these people come into our lives and build a wonderful friendship.

His name, known to the masses, isBean’re The Motorcycle Nomad.  Having freed himself from the daily debts many of us face, he travels on his own schedule, travels wherever he wants, and the 200,000 plus miles he has on the Purple Harley is testament  to his free spirit. The nomadic life he leads has taken him all over the globe and allowed him to ride in places many of  us only dream about. His friends abroad range from Doctors and Business Owners to Motorcycle Club members to average Joe’s and Jill’s. Capturing his life in print and sharing the story with everyone seemed the next logical step. Many would look at this long haired, tattooed, top hat wearing biker as someone to steer clear of and never learn of the charitable core this man has. Through a promotion with K and G Cycles ( when a copy of his book is purchased through them, the buyer will have the opportunity to have the book autographed with a personalized message, and to top it off, $1.00 from each sale will be donated to The Special Olympics.

So when you are out and about, sitting with your coffee, or in the check out line at the grocery, make sure you don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you never know, that person could enrich your life or turn out to be a new friend.