Phantom Pad – The trusted name in temporary 2-up Seating

When it comes time to add a passenger pillion to your custom ride, K and G Cycles ( has just what you need – Phantom Pad Passenger Pillions. These suction cup mounted pads are the easiest way for you to add temporary two-up capability to your motorcycle. All pads are available in plain leather or with one of many custom stitched designs that will compliment your bike and give it the finishing touch.

A long time agplain phantom pado, back in 1994 “Phantom Pad” became the world’s first suction cup mounted motorcycle passenger pad. Having earning 2 United States patents, they are the true pioneer of the custom pad market. Each Phantom Pad is assembled by skilled craftsmen using top quality components to ensure you receive the best product available. The exclusive Phantom Pad suction cups are non-abrasive and designed with a dual cavity and multiple quick release tabs. They also employ unique features such as a neoprene fender liner, an injection mold A.B.S. base plate and shock absorbing orthopedic memory molding foam are all parts found in every standard Phantom Pad.

By using either crack resistant vinyl or U.V. barrier coated leather to produce the Phantom Pad covers, a far more durable, long lasting product is what you get. Select Phantom Pad covers are available with original, custom embroidery designs. Each detailed embroidery pattern is created using a digitized computer program and is available in several colors. With the pad’s base plate designed so that all of the dual-cavity suction cups can be replaced if worn or damaged giving you the ability to keep your pad in top shape. The Phantom Pad’s dual-cavity suction cups also have a lifetime warranty and are replaced absolutely free. The pad’s neoprene fender liner can also be replaced whenever necessary. Purchasing Piece of Mind is what you get when you choose Phantom Pad from K and G Cycles.

Select Phantom Pad mgel phantom padodels are constructed using “Phantom Gel”, a Hi-Tech ergonomic gel,  which was developed exclusively for passenger comfort. A uniquely engineered mold design produces a plethora of pressure sensitive ergonomic domes that create a visually noticeable design pattern on the surface of our pads. When the natural vibration created by a motorcycle travels up through the rear fender and comes in contact with the gel domes, it creates a polarity of “Massage Waves”. These massage waves help stimulate nerve endings which improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue. Combining the exact ratio of shock absorbing foam with orthopedic gel creates the ultimate level of seating comfort. Phantom Gel technology provides the most comfortable riding experience for the passenger.

Some Phantom Pad models come with a chrome rear mounting bracket. The neoprene lined chrome bracket is riveted to the base plate in a specially designed recessed channel located toward the pad’s rear. The bracket allows the passenger to secure the Phantom Pad to the rear fender utilizing the fender’s stock threaded mounting hole. The bracket feature also serves as an anti-theft device while providing additional mounting security. All bracket pad models come with one neoprene bracket bumper and two knurled chrome Phantom Knobs (both a fine and a coarse thread).

The Phantom Pad is availaoestrich padble in several shapes and sizes. The” were designed to fit most stock Harley Davidson motorcycle rear fenders. The “Ghoul” will fit custom extra wide rear fenders. Phantom Pads will also mount to the rear fender of most American V-Twin Motorcycle or Metric Cruiser providing they have the space available.The Pads also feature Hi-Tech internal components, covered in quality materials that are detailed with custom graphics. Purchasing one of the suction cup mounted passenger pads from K and G Cycles ( will enhance your motorcycle’s custom appearance and will not damage the rear fender’s paint while providing your passenger with the most comfortable ride.