Polished Rotors – Improve Performance and Looks

When most Polished-custom-rotorpeople think of a polished rotor, they think of a rotor dripping in chrome. Most would see it as unusable, the finish being scarred after one pull of the lever – a waste of money. That is why the focus today is on “Polished Rotors” from K and G Cycles. A great option if you have custom wheels, a chrome front end, or simply want to put a little more shine on the bike. Polished rotors are just that, highly polished stainless that is far more resistant to scuffing and marring associated with everyday use. Sure you won’t get the mirror finish of chrome, but what you will get is a highly reflective finish that will withstand day to day use and keep that finish A LOT longer than a chrome plated rotor. Available in stock to wicked designs that match many of the custom wheels available from many of the top manufacturers. Depending on the your choice you may have the whole rotor polished or just the outer ring (the braking surface) polished, while leaving the hub raw, black, or even a body color.

  When we hear the word polished, we automatically think of a shiny, slick surface, that by all accounts should diminish breaking ability substantially. Not so, the minimum amount of friction loss is not enough to notice, especially after a few pulls of the lever. Polished rotors cost less than chromed rotors, have a more stable finish, and can be retouched if necessary even while still on the bike. If a chrome plated rotor has to be re-chromed, it has to be removed from the bike for repair, and happens more often than a polished rotor.

  Custom rotors are a nice addition to any bike and your pals at K and G Cycles can help you take that first step. Call us today to bring a whole new look to your bike. We’d love to hear from you.