Power Up in the Off-Season – Big Bore Kits

Big Bore KitWith the end of the riding season quickly approaching, it is time to shift gears and start thinking about winter projects. Did you see some chrome you just have to have? No. Find a set of wheels that would take your bike over the edge? Not quite. Finally figure out your motor needs some more umpf? Yep, that’s what you need, MORE POWER!!! Not sure where to begin? Why not head over to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and shop the big bore engine kits so you can get a head start on your winter projects.

Installing a big bore kit is a relatively affordable and easy upgrade that can considerably increase your power. The fun thing about installing a big bore kit is most kits have no markings on the parts so you automatically have built a sleeper, and you can have a lot of fun but use the power when you need it most. Big Bore kits are a smart upgrade especially if you travel in and around the mountainous states. Increases in torque and horsepower allow you greater passing ability, speed control, and overall ability to power through the hilly, curvy terrain.

When the time comes to modify your ride, remember “There’s No Replacement for Displacement” and the crew at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com ) has everything you need to power up that steel pony. Whether you choose to piece it out or purchase a whole big bore kit, we’ve got you covered.