Precision Billet brings its “A” game and has been for over 15 Years!

   In the world oprecision billet pilef Aftermarket Accessories for Motorcycles, there are tens of thousands of companies out there. Many of them are producing similar products. How does one decide which manufacturer to choose for the accessory they are looking for? You look at the finished product, you go to shows to see the items on the bikes, you do a little research, then you can make your educated decision and ultimately your purchase. One company in this situation is Precision Billet, makers of premium billet motorcycle accessories designed to be as unique as the rider themselves. Just like you, the buyers at K and G Cycles ( have to perform their research too so only the best products make it to our shelves. We felt so strongly about Precision Billet and the quality of their products, we have outfitted 2 of our own motorcycles with them.

   With a linKailey on the Deluxee up that includes Air Cleaners, Rider and Passenger floorboards, Saddlebag Latches, Ignition Switch Covers, Master Cylinder Covers, and much more, Precision Billet is providing the Motorcycle Industry true custom options when it comes time to personalizing your bike. With 18 different designs available that can be purchased on 22 different accessories, the possibilities are endless. Even if you don’t feel like making the complete theme transformation yet think a few upgrades will be enough, you will find each piece is finished with such beauty installing just one upgrade will increase the curb appeal. Having been in business for over 15 years, the folks at Precision Billet deliver unmatched quality of design and workmanship. Precision Billet is so in tune with the motorcycling world, they even produce a Breast Cancer Awareness Ignition Switch with 100% of the profits being donated to finding a cure.Located in a 10,000-square-foot facility in Gilbert, Arizona, machining, bending, welding, building and assembly of  all of the products are done in house allowing them to control product quality as well as cost too. When you are looking to be the top dog, that means a lot for your cause.

   With all the cprecision-billet1ompanies out there vying for your hard earned dollar, you want to make sure money is well spent. Put your trust in K and G Cycles ( when you are selecting accessories for your bike. Precision Billet is one company producing top notch accessories for motorcycles and more. This is the reason we have them on our bikes, so feel confident in your decision to purchase them too.