Product Spotlight – Time and Convenience Eliminate Frustration

Everyday we are reviewing new parts and accessories, deciding which ones we will be offering to you. At K and G Cycles ( we strive to bring you the most useful products while demanding they be of the highest quality available. So sit back and check out these new products headed your way.

h bar clockPart#39-0788 Motorcycle Handlebar Clock – For those of you that do not ride one of the bikes that has a fairing and all the accessories, you will no longer wonder what time it is. This sleek, chrome, handlebar mount clock has a good looking silver and black face that matches a lot of the instrument clusters used on motorcycles today. Clamp mount lets you positions this clock just about anywhere on your bars. Glow in the dark clock hands that recharge in even the minimal amount of sunlight keep you posted of the time so you won’t be late. Good looking, functional, and affordable are 3 words we look for when buying accessories for our rides, this clock delivers all of the above.

Part#16-0096 Troil drain spigotansmission Case Drain Spigot – I love to perform scheduled maintenance on my bike myself, it gives me a sense of pride, saves me a couple of bucks, and lets me really get to know my ride. The only draw back is it can get awfully messy, especially when you service the tranny and you’ve thought you had it all cleaned up only to realize there is still old fluid dripping from the undercarriage, There is a new innovative tool out that takes care of that headache. The Transmission Case Drain Spigot channels the transmission fluid from the bottom of your transmission case into the drain pan instead of onto your frame. With it’s helical design that locks the tool into the frame cross member and around the drain plug it allows you to remove the drain plug through the center of the tool. This keeps clean up to a minimum and and makes services a breeze.

Part#32-1352 Motortraffic sensor kitcycle Traffic Signal Sensor – Getting stuck at a traffic light through a few cycles is never fun, so what do you do? well instead of waiting on Lady Luck or another vehicle to come along and save you, why not invest in a Traffic Signal Sensor. Most intersections that are governed by stop lights have magnetic sensors in the ground so when a vehicle is “sesned” it will change the light settings, allowing that vehicle to proceed. Motorcycles often do not have the capability to trigger the sensors, so a signal sensor was invented that emits a wide and powerful magnetic field that easily disturbs the traffic light sensors which activates the signal change. Attaching easily to any motorcycle, this sensor will help you encounter shorter delays from traffic signals and enjoying the ride more.

So if you are looking for that special tool to assist you with routine maintenance, looking to add a new functional accessory, or help you keep a cool head while riding, look no further than K and G Cycles ( to give you access to the latest tools and accessories to simplify life and help you enjoy more time in the saddle.