Protect Your Bike From Helmet Dings

We all love to add accessories to our rides, but if it not only looks good and serves a purpose too, we deem it a necessity. With that being said, if we can complete the install for under $100, we feel even better about the purchase. Well what I am going to show you today is something every Gold Wing Owner needs, yes I said needs, for their bike. K and G Cycles is all about making your riding experience more enjoyable.

helmet hangers and scuff pads   We all know hanging a helmet on the rear hooks on our beloved Gold Wing can be quite the challenge, more so when it is dark or raining, or both. Your friends at K and G have searched high and low for something to make this process easier, and we found it. The Dual Cruiz Wing Helmet Lock Extension. Part # BBP-52-645 on our site, is sure to make your end of travel duties less troubling.  These extensions allow for the securing of the helmet through its strap ring onto your motorcycles locking device. Measuring 1-3/8″ wide, it’s innovative design can accommodate the oversized “D” and “H” rings found on many of today’s helmets. $25.95 seems like an awfully small price to pay for a huge reduction in frustration.

You may notice when you use the Dual Cruiz Wing Helmet Lock Extension, your helmets hang a little lower than the original position. We noticed this too and went on Safari to locate a solution. Guess what? We found a soft Carbon Fiber applique’ that fits right in the area of potential contact, and deflects harmful contact between the bike and helmet. For less than $30.00, you get a Carbon Fiber look, easy application, and plenty of coverage ( 6-1/2″L and 3-1/2″W at the top to 1-1/2″W at the bottom) this stylish addition will draw compliments from the whole crowd. The “Helmet Area Scuff Pads – Part# BBp-52-746 – are a great addition to any Wing. High end Carbon Fiber looks with the added bonus of no more scratched saddlebags.

When it comes to accessories for your Gold Wing, there is only one place to go, K and G Cycles. We’ve got what you need from soup to nuts, covers to chrome, audio upgrades and more. Contact us today to make your Wing shine.