Protect your expensive factory saddlebags for only $25!

Every Harley Touring bike since the 70’s has a major weak point when it comes to the saddlebag system. The hardware that holds them on is way too easily compromised! As the video shows, these expensive bags can be quickly popped off by a thief or even a pothole as you cruise down the road! This system is easily secured to a rock-solid attachment with only a $25 investement and few minutes to install.

The Brukus SaddlebagSecure™ for Harley Touring Bikes gives you peace of mind at a low price! This system is Made in the U.S.A. I recently spoke with Kay from Team Brukus. She explained that their product line has grown from real needs of real riders!  K and G Cycles loves to bring you the best quality parts from companies just like Brukus, so keep us in mind for all your V-Twin parts needs!

Here is some more information that explains the Saddlbag Secure product in detail.

NO MORE CONCERN ABOUT YOUR SADDLEBAGS BEING POPPED OFF WITH A SCREWDRIVER! TAMPER-PROOF STAINLESS STEEL and SPRING STEEL (with automotive black phosphate finish) HARDWARE MEANS YOUR SADDLEBAGS CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH PLIERS OR A WRENCH! NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT LOSING YOUR INVESTMENT IN YOUR EXPENSIVE SADDLEBAGS! Your bags are secured with STAINLESS STEEL and SPRING STEEL (with automotive black phosphate finish) TAMPER-RESISTANT HARDWARE that installs in minutes. And you have a Security Tool to quickly and easily remove the bags yourself. This mounting system replaces the entire Harley-Davidson twist pin system to mount your saddlebags on the touring class of Hogs. SaddlebagSecure™ works on all Harley touring class bikes and BOTH HARD FIBERGLASS AND LEATHER BAGS. This product is a must have for ALL HARLEY-DAVIDSON TOURING MODELS, including – Road Kings, Road King Classics, Ultra Classic Electric Glides, Road Glide Customs. Street Glides and Electric Glide Classics and Electric Glide Ultra Limiteds! Included is a set of 4 (2 for each side) tamper-resistant mounting hardware (which replaces the 4 Harley twist pins and attachments), 1 Security Tool, and simple installation instructions. ***One SaddlebagSecure™ Kit includes the hardware for BOTH BAGS!***

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