Protecting Your Ride Just Got Thanks to Gorilla

   When it comes to protecting your motorcycle, having a Gorilla on the job is one of the best security devices you can employ. No I am not suggesting you purchase a primate for personal protection, I am talking about a Motorcycle Alarm from the Gorilla Cycle Alarm Company. One of the best defenders on the market, the Gorilla 9000 series alarm packs so many standard features it is hard to fit them in one box. K and G Cycles ( knows there are individuals out there that want what we have worked so hard for and they make it their life’s effort to try to take it away from us. Give yourself a leg up and install a Gorilla Alarm to protect your ride.

gorilla 9001   The Gorilla Alarm Company has been producing Motorsports Alarms for quite some time and in doing so they have learned just what the consumer demands. They take the demands and exceed them by delivering products that go beyond expectations. See for yourself below.

   The Gorilla 9 Series Cycle Alarm protects your Bike with an ultra-loud 120 db siren and 3 powerful sensors.

Tilt Sensor: The new internal Tilt Sensor triggers the alarm when the motorcycle is moved off its side stand

Two Stage Shock Sensor: The Two Stage Shock Sensor is adjustable to 7 levels of sensitivity and triggers with any impact

Current Sensor: The Current Sensor detects changes in battery voltage and triggers the alarm if the bike is started

Alarm Features:

Powerful,New advanced internal digital tilt sensor senses any change in angle and requires no set up

Two wire direct to battery installation takes less than 30 minutes and requires no special tools

LED Warning light indicates your alarm is armed and acts as a deterrent against theft

Waterproof Alarm and connectors guard against corrosion

Includes a 3 button remote transmitter (System will accept up to 3 remotes)

Includes a 2 way paging system to alert you when your alarm is triggered – up to a 1/2 mile away

Paging System Features:

Displays alarm functions up to 1/2 mile away

Alarm features are displayed on pagers LCD screen when triggered (Current, Tilt, Shock, and Warn Away)

Pager features a Clock, screen backlight, power save mode, button lock mode, and selectable audible or vibration alerts

2 Year Warranty

   If you want the best protection for your motorcycle, you will want to park in secure areas that offer good lighting, controlled access, and maybe even some type of monitoring system. You will also want to use a high quality alarm such as the Gorilla line of motorcycle alarms available at K and G Cycles ( Keep your motorcycle secure and out of the hands of thieves.