Rain Gear, A very important Travel Companion!

Just like American Express, Rain Gear – don’t leave home without it! This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to travel on the bike, and since it is Spring time, I really didn’t trust the forecast. I made sure I packed my Rain Gear (which happens to be Frogg Toggs and are available at K and G Cycles – www.kandgcycles.com) and headed off. Well for most of the trip, it merely overcast and high 60’s, that is until I was about 45 minutes out from my destination. Running the back roads, I was passing through many small farming communities which offered up little shelter when the skies opened up, and I was able to duck into a service station to put on the Rain Gear. My first thought was – Well here goes the first test. Wouldn’t you know it, when I got back on the road, it only rained for about 10 miles so a real test wasn’t even possible.

TR-506211 Frogg Toggs, The best known name in rain gear.The next few days were sunny, 75 , and beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. My return trip would yield vastly different results however. Around the 2 hour mark of my 4 hour trip, Mother Nature decided it was time to test the gear and the skies opened up, I immediately sought the cover of a Convenience Store pump island canopy. After dressing in the Rain Gear and doing a quick inspection of the bike, I set off to finish the second leg of the ride home. The rain in the beginning was mild and I thought to myself, huh this is gonna be pretty simple. Well that didn’t last long, she turned up the power and I felt as though I was running through a car wash. This continued for about the next hour and the temps started dropping from 75 to a cool 50/55,  that doesn’t sound bad, but when you add in the rain and the speed on the highway, it was a brisk ride.

When I arrived home, I was a bit concerned as to what I would find because my legs felt cool, but I didn’t know if it was from the temperature, the rain, or both. When I removed the rain suit, I examined each piece of clothing and looked for signs of rain infiltration, but was surprised to see virtually no trace of water.(the front half of my jean cuffs had about an inch band on them and that was it.) If my Classic would have had lower fairings or soft lowers, all would have been well.

So all in all what did I learn about Rain Gear? I learned it is a precious commodity that takes up little space and you should never leave home without it. I also learned that buying a trusted name like the ones for sale at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is worth it. Whether it’s Frogg Togg, River Road, TGP, or one of the other brands we carry. So many people think rain gear looks silly and doesn’t make you look like a cool biker, but given the choice of being drenched to the bone or having someone think I don’t look cool, I will choose staying dry every time.