Reclaim your Garage with a Merrick Machine Cycle Dolly

merrick dolly   We all know the available floor space in our garage is Premium Real Estate, even more so when we have toys to contend with. What do you do when you have just enough room to park that bike, but its beyond difficult to actually get it in that spot? Merrick Machine Company has the answer for you – The Cycle Dolly. The Cycle Dolly is a one-person motorcycle stand/mover sure to ease your parking headache. Available from K and G Cycles ( the Cycle Dolly is something you are going to want to add to your garage, it is  sure to make your life easier in many aspects. To begin with, there will be no more parking your vehicle outside because Cycle Dolly allows you to maneuver your bike into the tightest spots with ease. This frees up the most amount of floorspace, allowing you to reclaim your garage. Next, the V channel rests a mere 3/4″ above the ground making it extremely easy to load or unload the bike by yourself. It has also been designed to accept almost any bike. Through it’s 1/4″ all steel construction and powder coat finish, durability is assured, and with heavy duty ball bearing casters(10 of them) this unit is a breeze to move around the garage. No matter what motorcycle you have, a 250cc Rebel or a fully dressed Harley, this dolly is designed to hold up to 1500 lbs. and has a fully adjustable kickstand plate so you are guaranteed a perfect fit.

cycle-dolly-metric   To show you how simple The Merrick Machine Cycle Dolly is to operate, you can check out the promo video. As you may have noticed, he gets pretty rough moving the dolly around,  and the bike never even comes close to tipping. The Merrick Machine Cycle Dolly is a must have when you need to share the garage with a car or two, lawn mowers, bicycles, or other garage dwellers. There are others out there, but no one has all the features and benefits like The Merrick Machine Cycle Dolly.

*All Steel construction
*Fits almost any motorcycle
*V-Channel sits just 3/4” off the ground
*Walk your bike on with ease
*1,500 lb. capacity
*10 ball-bearing poly swivel casters
*V Profile holds tires securely
*Fully adjustable kickstand plate
*Powder Coat finish
*One person can load/unload a motorcycle in a matter of minutes.
*One person can maneuver the bike on the dolly with relative ease.
*Simplifies storage.

   No one offers such an affordable price on an amazing product like K and G Cycles ( It will have you asking yourself, ” How did I go this long without one?” Save space, time, and your back with The Merrick Machine Cycle Dolly and reclaim your garage.