Reda does it again: A Mutli-Use Light with Safety in Mind

In the world of motorcycling, safety is becoming a word we all tend to search for more and more. We know that it doesn’t matter if its the gear you wear or the visibility of your bike it all boils down to the level of increased safety provided. One important aspect of safety we overlook is how well we are protected if we should end up on the side of the road. That is until now. Reda Innovations, the design wizards that brought you The Reda Gas Can designed to stow in the forgotten space in your saddlebags and provide you a gallon of fuel in an emergency, has another great product – The Reda Light Stick. Both of these great products are available at K and G Cycles (

This is a must have for every motorcyclist. The versatility of the Light Stick is endless, but here are a few common uses:

  • reda light stick As a Saddlebag/Tour Pak Light –  you simply attach it with a provided clip and existing screw, it rotates and re-positions with ease to meet your needs.It designed specifically for your saddlebag. NO MORE fumbling through your bags at night looking for things.
  •  As a Tour Pak Light – The REDA Cycle Stick also mounts in the lid of your tour pack to provide exceptional lighting when you need it.
  •  As an LED Safety Flare –  you magnetically attach it to a provided disk and place it 10 feet behind your bike as a very bright safety beacon. Research shows most bikers get hit or killed from a rear end collision, this is because your tail lights are only 18 inches off the ground. The REDA Cycle Stick gives you an advantage as it can be seen up to a mile away.
  •  As a Flashlight – you can use it as an inspection light/flashlight to inspect your bike.

The FIRST multipurpose “LightStick” that just might save your life!Don’t let its size fool you! A mere: Length of Light: 8-1/2? long by 3/4? diameter
Batteries: 3 AAA alkaline batteries to power the light are included too. Contact us today and pick up your Reda Light Stick from K and G Cycles (