Return to the Road with Custom Brake Signals

How many times this past season did you hear “I never saw their brake lights.” Your friends at K and G Cycles ( don’t want this to happen to you so we are offering you a great product aimed at making you far more visible. Back Off Brake Modules made by Signal Dynamics Corporation vastly improve your ability to be seen by those behind you.

back-off-module1Part#TR-481001: The BackOff XP/Brake Light Signal Module is one of four taillight/turn signal control modules designed to alter visual output of your brake light/s. This particular module offers you 2 modes of operation to choose from.

Operation Mode 1 emits 3 short burst flashes followed by 1 long flash lasting 3.5 seconds and will repeat cycle as long as the brakes are held.

Operation Mode 2 emits 5 short burst flashes followed by a steady burn until the brake lights are released.

Other control modules from Signal Dynamics Corp. offer different “attention getting” flash sequences like alternating between left and right halves of the brake light, as well as the brake lights being held on with only one pull of the lever so your hands are free to take a rehydrating drink, adjust that helmet, wipe oof those shades, or other duties needing tended to at your next stop. Whatever model you choose to suit your needs, you will be happy to know prices start at $37.95 for technology meant to keep you safer.

Imagine a world where people actually notice you on your bike, resulting in far less skirmishes, translating into a safer, worry free ride.  K and G Cycles ( takes motorcycling and safety very seriously and because we do, we offer a large selection of upgraded lighting and attention getting devices for your motorcycle. Safe travels can be a challenge, so why not tip the scales in your favor and get your bike ready before Spring by picking up new L.E.D. lighting and control modules for your bike.