RevTech Wheels, Quality, Good Looks, and Affordability all in One

  It’s the Off-Season and we all know what that means – Time to add more accessories to our bike! We all want custom wheels, but they’ve always been too expensive. That is until now. RevTech has released a line of wheels, rotors, and pulleys (available in Chrome or Black) that is sure to make the competition green with envy. These sweet wheels are available for a limited time at K and G Cycles ( so don’t delay.

  Settirevtech-adng style trends for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is nothing new for RevTech. They set the aftermarket world on fire in 1986 when they introduced the first generation of RevTech forged aluminum wheels. Nearly two decades later they’re still goin’ strong with the newest forged billet wheel designs. Whether you’re looking for the simplistic styling of the RevPro Line, or the elegant intricacies found in one of the many other designs available, you can find a wheel to make a statement about the personal, individual style you want from your two-wheeled freedom machine. RevTech wheels start with a blank forged from high-strength aluminum alloy. They are machined by state-of-the-art multi-axis computer-controlled CNC machines to ensure flawless production every rime. Once the computers have done their magic, skilled craftsmen take over and polish the wheels to a mirror finish. Next, the finishing touch is added by the chemists at the chrome shop. For your peace of mind, RevTech sends their wheels to independent laboratories where they are torture-tested beyond anything they will ever encounter on the potholed roads of California, the frost-heaved byways in the winter-plagued north or the high-speed wonderland of the German Autobahn. Whether it’s the first step in customizing your factory fresh stocker, or adding the finishing touch for that one off custom, you’ll find RevTech wheels bring you the engineering, performance and stunning good looks you want for your motorcycle.

 No matter if you are looking for the brilliance of chrome smothering your wheels or if you prefer the subdued sinister Black look, K and G Cycles ( is your source for RevTech wheels. Customizing your ride doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and affordable shouldn’t mean lesser quality. With RevTech, you get great pricing and superior quality wrapped in one package giving you confidence in your purchase.

*All wheels require hub to be purchased separately.