Ride with The Support You Need

Have you ever gone for an extended ride or road trip and ended up having horrendous back pain when you dismounted? Are you in search of a product that will change that and give you the back support you need? Look no further than K and G Cycles and the Smart Back Belt to give you the relief you need so you can rack up the miles.

SmartBackBelt-01  The Smart Back Belt is loaded with features that will make you wonder how such an amazing product is so affordable. This belt includes an over sized buckle that allows for quick adjustment and a secure fit. The 3D shaped lumbar wedge fits and supports your lower back to allow it to assume a natural position. The soft, shaped pad provides the perfect degree lumbar support to take strain off of your back. It will ultimately improve your posture and let you ride all day in comfort. Yet another benefit of the Smart Back Belt is it’s versatility. Not only is this a great riding belt, you can use it around the house to prevent accidents while moving or lifting those heavy items. Revolutionary BOA tightening system provides instant adjustment and super secure fitting. The BOA knob uses internal 3:1 gearing so it does all the work and provides the ultimate support to your back.

Now we all know back pain is a drag, and there is something we can do to prevent it. The Smart Back Belt, available at K and G Cycles, offers you unsurpassed adjustable support for whatever you are doing. Whether it is Motorcycling, moving that TV or Piano, Shoveling snow, or even gardening, you can count on The Smart Back Belt to give you the support you need to make it through. Owner George Marakas swears by his and never rides without it. “Being able to adjust it on the fly us incredible! This is without a doubt the finest lumbar support belt ever made for motorcyclists!”