Riding Protection with more coverage than Chaps

When you ride, you want as much protection as you can have, yet still be as comfortable as possible. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we feel the same and that is why we are offering you these Durango Riding Pants. A great alternative to those bulky leather pants and much easier to put on than chaps.

TR-092230-riding-pants, an affordable option to chaps and leather pants that offer great protection too.Take a look at Part # TR-092230, these classic 5-pocket, jean-style riding pants. Made of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon they designed to provide as much protection as their more expensive leather counterparts. These pants are also water-resistant to keep you dry in most conditions, but lets face it they aren’t rain gear so they are not waterproof. Cleverly constructed leg openings feature snaps and full-length zippers for a secure closure that allows you easy-on easy-off wear. Amazingly enough, these riding pants weigh in about half as much as your standard pair of chaps and take much less effort to put on. For peace of mind, these riding pants carry a 1-year manufacturers warranty giving you buying confidence. A company that offers a warranty on riding gear even when they know the item will be pushed to it’s limits must have a great product.

Get your Durango Riding Pants before the season gets into full swing and supply is low because demand is high. Affordable and durable, a great choice for any rider. Available now at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com).