Roland Sands Grand Opening – w/video

We’re living through a golden age of custom bike design and envelope pushing fabrications from all corners of the globe, but one of my favorites is still Roland Sands. A visit to is a kaleidoscope of kick-ass bikes of all makes and models, and believe me, the models are worth the visit too!

Roland Sands Design opened a new headquarters on friday the 20th. Here is the scoop from their site: “We are happy to say we have opened the new RSD facility in grand style last Friday night. 400 or so of our friends and associates made the trek to our new Los Alamitos facility to take in the bikes, cars, sights, sounds, food and drink. The official launch of the RSD store was the highlight of the night and features a full line of RSD leather jackets, leather accessories, tee’s, helmets, motorcycle parts, books and many one off and hand built items sure to tempt any two wheeled enthusiast. Drinks were supplied by our friends at Peligroso Tequila and special musical guest the signal hillbillies rocked the house for nearly two hours. Art work was displayed from noted artists Mr Cartoon, Nate van Dyke, Estevan Oriole, Karl Dressen, James Haunt, Jona Cerwinsky, Matt Wignall, Saber, Drake Mcelroy, Rodney Aquilar and Roland Sands. Stay tuned to for upcoming events and please come out any day Monday to Friday to check out the store.”

This is just one of the many videos that shows Roland and creations at work and play, check it out.