Rolling Sound and Beauty in 1 Speaker Package

   In this fast paced world we live in, like riding a motorcycle, music is a release for many of us. Put the 2 together and we are set for a great day. What do you do if your bike doesn’t have speakers on it? K and G Cycles ( has a couple of solutions from Kuryakyn that can bring you tunes when you travel. The Sound of Chrome is a good looking way to add music to your motorcycle.

   Kuryakyn hsond-of-chromeas been in the Motorcycle Chrome and Accessory business for some time so it should be no surprise they are providing industry leading products that customers have been asking for and that includes mobile sound. Just because you don’t ride one of the Touring bikes that have a factory stereo doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your music on the road. The Sound of Chrome Music System is a speaker and amp system that mounts to the handlebars and accepts music sources that have a 3.5mm output. Smartphones, iPods, MP3 Players, Satellite Radio, even portable CD players can be used with the speaker system to provide you miles of entertainment.

   Check out the great features of The Sound of Chrome Motorcycle Speaker System:

  • 3″ main speakers with additional tweeters for full bodied sound
  • A weatherproof bullet housing has a powerful built-in true 50 watt amplifier and includes a volume and on/off control switch
  • Convenient swivel adjustment gives you the freedom to position speakers in any direction you choose
  • Includes a full plug-n-play wiring harness, noise purifier and standard 3.5 mm jack, simply connect your iPod, MP3 player, satellite radio, personal CD player, etc.
  • Not suggested for use with FM/AM radio.
  • Available in Brilliant Chrome or Black to match most applications

When you want a great sounding, powerful speaker system for your motorcycle, contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and order up The Sound of Chrome System from Kuryakyn. Great Looks, powerful sound, system versatility, ease of use make this one of the easiest to use speaker systems around. Plus it comes from a name you trust.