Royal Blue Cleaning Products! Big Results in a Small Package

   When it comes to caring for our motorcycles there is an overwhelming amount of cleaning and detailing products available. How do you sort through the sea bottles that claim they are the best and do this and that? You let K and G Cycles ( do the research, identify the manufacturers that bring a quality product to the table, and determine which companies supply the best customer service. Without either one of those qualities we may as well be buying those supplies out of someones trunk or at the end of the freeway off ramp. We take the guess work out of your purchase by only offering proven products that you can trust.

   Developed in a working Detail Shop, Royal Blue Wax was designed to be a product that is easy to use, delivers high quality results, while giving you the maximum protection for your investment. Looking to simplify the detailing process, a Wash and Wax product and a Wax and Clean product was developed to streamline your detailing process so you can spend more time doing what you love – Riding.

Take a look at the Royal Blue Wax products we are now proudly carrying:

RBW-Wash n wax  Royal Blue Motorcycle Wash & Wax – Royal Blue Carnauba wash foams away dirt, grime, and grease without compromising the wax protection. This leaves your vehicle as shiny and smooth as the last time you waxed it. Conditioners inside the patented formula moisturize the paint, revealing brighter colors and more clarity, extending the life of your finish. The Wash and Wax from Royal Blue is PH balanced as well as non-detergent based therefore it reduces water spots and protects against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Infused with Royal Blue Carnauba Wax, the wash provides another layer of protection every time you use it, creating a strong barrier to keep out harsh elements that makes cleanup from bugs and birds much easier.

RBW-cleaner-wax   Royal Blue Motorcycle Wax and Cleaner in One  – Royal Blue Carnauba Wax is a one step process that delivers professional high gloss results. Simply wipe it on and wipe it off. At the same time, you wipe off years of oxidation and discoloration, leaving behind a beautiful protective wax coating that lasts six months with each application. Since it contains no clay fillers, you never have to worry about scrubbing for hours to remove the wax. Whether it’s wet n’ hazy or dry, it’s easy on and easy off! Royal Blue Wax and Cleaner is non-abrasive and formulated for multiple surfaces – clear coat, gel coat, fiberglass, and even safe dealer-added coatings.

RBW-Spray-Detailer   Royal Blue Motorcycle Spray Detailer – The Royal Blue Spray Detailer is finally here and we’re excited for you to try it out! This is Royal Blue’s newest product! The Spray Detailer is clear coat safe, it will remove dust, annoying fingerprints and harmful contaminants before they have a chance to damage your paint and finish. This is a great product to use between major cleanings because it is such a simple product to use and the results are BIG! With its easy to use formula, all you need to do is spray it on the desired area to be cleaned and wipe it off. Royal Blue Spray Detailer will leave your ride standing taller than the Empire State Building.

   When it comes time to purchase your cleaning supplies you need to look for quality, efficiency and results. Royal Blue Motorcycle Cleaners and Waxes are available at K and G Cycles (www, and deliver the results you desire. Order your up today and see how easy it is to have a fine looking ride in no time flat.